Here is what I came up with. Its simple, yet appealing. Thank you Sheraton!

block on bottom program


The hotel that we prepped at for Angela’s wedding had really cool card key holders which inspired me.

Here is the holder


I mentioned on my last post that I was working on wedding programs. Here are the results!

The ceremony program.



The reception programs came in two different colors. I heard comments that they looked the Krispy Kreme packaging. Hmmmm…. Compliment or insult??


Congratulations Eugene and Jenny!!!

In other news,

I filled up my gas tank with $36!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted the receipt in my car. Keep on falling gas prices!

My next project: something that involves needle and thread, and my over-filled box of “future project material”.

I bought an embossing heat tool from Michaels! I took advantage of a coupon – 50% off of one item. Exciting!