Nari, Seil and I have done a lot of work on this invitation and we finally have passed (most of) them out!

Nari’s request: simple, none-flowery language, clean and modern.

Colors: green and gold.


The sticker covered up a butterfly that was unnecessarily placed on the back of the envelopes that we bought.

P.S. This is not a web invite 🙂

Also, for Nari’s bridal shower we made personalized stationary as favors for the guests. The birdies are embossed.




People who memorize a large span of digits of pi may employ mnemonic devices to help them memorize the digits. Some have used poems where the number of letters in each word represents a digit in the number pi. It was really fun coming up with my own piem! Zero is represented by an exclamation point.


A wedding program cover. I used Nari and Seil, because Nari was sitting right next to me.



I was taking a dangerous walk on Hayes St. today and fell in love with these shoes!


I really liked them so I looked them up. And while I was looking for a place to buy them, I ran across these!


For some reason. I only like expensive shoes………

I used my mini studio today.



Hello 0 people who regularly read this blog (there probably would be more if I updated regularly…)

Well, I made something while on “vacation” in Los Angeles. Wanna see? Here ya go.


I was looking at some photoshop tutorials and stumbled upon one I liked. It was cool yet practical and not ridiculously out of my interest range, like this one.

Maybe I will try another one and keep you updated.

Current project: Reupholstering Tami’s pillows.

I mentioned on my last post that I was working on wedding programs. Here are the results!

The ceremony program.



The reception programs came in two different colors. I heard comments that they looked the Krispy Kreme packaging. Hmmmm…. Compliment or insult??


Congratulations Eugene and Jenny!!!

In other news,

I filled up my gas tank with $36!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted the receipt in my car. Keep on falling gas prices!

My next project: something that involves needle and thread, and my over-filled box of “future project material”.

I bought an embossing heat tool from Michaels! I took advantage of a coupon – 50% off of one item. Exciting!