Lena came over on Sunday and we made

a zucchini and potato torte.


And zucchini bread!!!! ( I love zucchini)


I had a great time Lena! Lets do it again sometime!


After dinner Frank, Christine and I took a walk around Emeryville. As we passed the Semifreddi’s bakery. I told them about how people dumpster dive for break there. So we went to check it out! And we came back with this!

022But only the loaf that I am holding actually came from the dumpster. Christine worked her charm got us some free dough and a cinnamon twist from the bakery (the cinnamon twist was still hot!) We decided to make a pizza from the dough.(On a side note, notice the blue of the sky in the windows!)




Simple is how I like it!


I bought a cupboard door from IKEA a while ago for a project, but never got to it, so I decided to paint it instead. It is great because it comes with a built in frame!


Here is what I came up with. Its simple, yet appealing. Thank you Sheraton!

block on bottom program

The hotel that we prepped at for Angela’s wedding had really cool card key holders which inspired me.

Here is the holder

I bought a lot of strawberries yesterday and I’ve been wanting to try canning something! So I did it! I hope they turn out okay…