It’s funny how my last post was right before I started teaching. And now that the year is coming to an end, I finally have the energy to post again. Well, I expect to be posting regularly for a while, because I think I have and will continue to have events in my life that I would like to document and share.

Lets start with something that I am very excited to share. A very big and ongoing change in my life. I am becoming healthy! In January I started a journey to becoming healthy. Well, this journey actually started in high school when I became aware and concerned about my body. I have made a slow change in the way I eat and use my body with many improvements and setbacks. But in January, along with a few other significant changes in my life, I dramatically increased the acceleration at which I am moving toward being healthy. From high school years to January 2011, I had lost around 25 pounds. But from January to today (6 months) I have lost around 30 pounds (and counting!) I wish I had started documenting this transformation in the beginning. But better late than never right?

Before and after pictures? Yes, I have rummaged through my boxes of pictures pictures to find some before pictures to compare to a picture I took this morning. I wish I had pictures that I had taken just for this purpose. But I think these will give a small visual representation of the changes I’ve experienced.

11th Grade                               Summer 2010

June 2011