It’s funny how my last post was right before I started teaching. And now that the year is coming to an end, I finally have the energy to post again. Well, I expect to be posting regularly for a while, because I think I have and will continue to have events in my life that I would like to document and share.

Lets start with something that I am very excited to share. A very big and ongoing change in my life. I am becoming healthy! In January I started a journey to becoming healthy. Well, this journey actually started in high school when I became aware and concerned about my body. I have made a slow change in the way I eat and use my body with many improvements and setbacks. But in January, along with a few other significant changes in my life, I dramatically increased the acceleration at which I am moving toward being healthy. From high school years to January 2011, I had lost around 25 pounds. But from January to today (6 months) I have lost around 30 pounds (and counting!) I wish I had started documenting this transformation in the beginning. But better late than never right?

Before and after pictures? Yes, I have rummaged through my boxes of pictures pictures to find some before pictures to compare to a picture I took this morning. I wish I had pictures that I had taken just for this purpose. But I think these will give a small visual representation of the changes I’ve experienced.

11th Grade                               Summer 2010

June 2011


This summer, I stepped up my game a bit and made 2 skirts.



This skirt I adapted from Ruffles and Roses Waistband Bow Skirt tutorial. It was part of my musings #1

My zipper got better on the second skirt (it is at least hidden now) but I still need to learn the proper way to add a zipper. I just kind of put it in the best way I know how.

Christine also made a skirt! It is really cute! It has an elastic waist band.

I thought I would try to share with you the things that make the corners of my mouth turn up or sends a creative tingle to my fingers. My musings.

Super hero greeting card from dicky bird.

Skirt tutorial from Ruffles and Roses.

Tutorial for an awesome addition to a journal from bolt neighborhood fashion boutique.

1. dicky bird 2. Ruffles and Roses 3. bolt neighborhood fashion boutique

This is great, now I am more motivated to go create these things and more!

I work with some middle schoolers who have tremendous creativity in many ways. I thought I would start sharing some of the genius that I sometimes capture on my iphone.

A funky fish/alien made from clay.

One of my students is into tree houses these past couple of days.

You gotta love it.

The title of this post is a tribute to one of the most coolest students I know!

I did it!, I made a hooded scarf.

Recently, I had a craft party (the best kind) at my house. I didn’t remember to take pictures until the last person was walking out of the door,but we made decoupaged glass jars and fabric flowers.

Last night, I had a craft night on my own and made a notebook inspired by Linea Carta and O-CHECK design. It takes so much brainpower for me to organize the page layout for books, and I usually end up with backward pages. I thought I got it right with this simple box-in-the-right-corner layout, but many of the pages have boxes in the left corner (as you can see in the pictures). Oh well.

I’m excited to use it!

Check out my etsy! I have things for sale there!

Next week is the beginning of life after summer 2009.  I am plenty sad, but plenty excited. I am thankful for the time I got to spend with people and the time I had to make things.

Here are some of the things I got to make. Most of them I gave as gifts. I love giving handmade gifts!



A Vase out of test tubes!


A pouch




Acrylic painting on tile


This used to be an ikea rosch clock.


A few things I want to get done by next Friday!

– Paint this dresser I got at my favorite store!


– Try to paint something like this Van Gogh piece.


-Finish the last bits of organizing I need to do in my room, which requires purchasing a few things.